We are a small passionate team of developers, who’s experience and eagerness resulted in becoming an independent company. All of us bring their own disciplines and specific approaches into the company, so together we are really strong.



Some of our previous projects include behavioural data exploration and data modelling, where customer’s online behaviour is crucial to the commercial decision of the webshop management. We know how to identify a visitor, how to recognise his clicking activity and what path he follows until he actually buys something. For more information see Customer Journey.



Where development takes place, there is code. The more the code, the more the lines. Sometimes programming gets so complicated that it is really difficult to maintain the code, especially if there are bugs. Sometimes the expectations from the written code are so high, that writing it is no longer efficient, or it takes ages before it gets executed.

We have some simple tricks how to makes things efficient once again. No matter if it is front end or back end, we can speed things up.

Also when time is of importance, when there is a tight schedule to work with, we can assist you. As our coders about your issue.



Everybody stores data, it is how we operate nowadays. Increasing data volume can be tricky. People expect more and more of their data, so it has to be complete, compact and easy to analyse, which is not always possible without proper tools.

Database systems is something we are good at. Read more about databases or contact us for more information.


But that is certainly not all – we are proud to have build some mobile applications, both on Android as on iOS, created some useful dashboards using object oriented techniques or programmed PLCs so that they can operate. The more complicated – the more exciting.

We are always curious what is happening in the developing world, we would be glad to hear from you.