Analysing passive-metering data for market research

Passive-metering data

Passive metering is a revolution in market research. Rather than using surveys to ask they respondents about their behavior, market research companies use small pieces of software installed on all connected devices of their subjects to collect all their visited webpages and used apps. This way, rather than analysing what people remember about their behavior, we can analyse their actual behavior. And then across all visited websites/apps and all their devices. This is a fantastic source of information about consumer behavior, motivation and preferences.

Fast insights with Rax

However, analysing passive metering data can be quite a challenge. Hundreds of thousands clicks, tens of thousands pageviews, thousands search terms… And all the information is hidden in long URLs in a very unstructured way. The time dimension makes the analysis even more complex.¬†With our award-winning¬†Rax technology, we can extract the insights from this type of data in much shorter time and at a much lower cost than what you are used to.

Clear and interactive dashboards

We present our results in clean and interactive dashboards. In this way, we make loads of information hidden in your data visible and easily understandable. So that you can see what your respondents actually do.

Gfk Insights prize

During the WHAT conference, we used Rax to segment and visualise online journeys of fashion shoppers. We analysed hundreds of thousands of URLs from desktops and mobile devices and built a dashboard which uncovered that there are 9 main types of customer journeys. Some of them would clearly correlate with higher conversion rates. We also shown which webshops have which types of customers. The results were surprising at times. And that in only 16 hours. Just imagine what we can do if we had a couple of days. Check our Rax blog for more details on this solution.

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