Databases and data processing

Nowadays, almost every organization collects data, but not every organization knows how to make sense of it. How to integrate data from various sources? How to process the ever increasing data volumes efficiently? Our team has experience in all areas of data processing:

  • We know ins and outs of relational databases. We are advanced SQL users (check our blog for some tricks) but we also know how the databases work inside, as we built database systems ourselves. We know how to read query plans and which indexes to create. We can make queries run fast.
  • We have experience with machine learning techniques. We can apply predictive models to your data.
  • We have experience with large scale systems, such as Hadoop, Spark, AWS Redshift, etc.
  • Finally, we have experience with graphics and web development, we know how to make beautiful visualizations and interactive dashboards

If you want to set up a data-analysis system or scale your system to handle larger data volumes, contact us, we can help.