Pension Analysis

For a large financial intermediary we designed and build a generic pension plan analysis system. The system would calculate the effect of changes in a benefit plan design without input from third parties. This allows an financial advisor to instantly answer “what if?” questions from a customer. Before the introduction of our system, an financial advisor would have to request quotes from third parties before answering or give some inaccurate estimates from experience. The underlying math in the system has been designed in concert with an actuary and is used both to analyze pension products as well as to build generic pension products.

We have designed a complex but fast pension analysis system that could calculate, with high accuracy, financial consequences of changes in a pension plan. After the financial advisors started using our system they were able to reduce the time per customer by one third, the time to completion from six to two days, and the number of abandoned requests for quotes went down by two orders of magnitude. Implementing math really made a difference.

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