Rubik’s Cube Solver

Rubik’s cube, everybody tried at least once to solve it, you probably succeeded. In the office of Coders Co. there is a robot that does it for you! It is build out of Lego, but the NXT PLC has been professionally coded in tiny C, just like you can an industry PLC. It is a variation of the Tilted Twister v1.0 with much improved solving algorithm. It can solve the cube in 30 to 45 twists!

Designing a Rubik’s cube solver was lots of fun. Every time someone visits us at our headquarters their eyes wonder off towards it…

All robotic machines have brains that control what they do and how they do it. Coders’Co. has firm roots in hard core engineering. So, if your machines has a PLC and you need to put some smart code inside for counting pills, glasshouse microclimate control, or what ever your next amazing invention does, don’t muck about, reach out and together we can make it happen.