Journeylytics is a data-driven, interactive tool for mapping customer journeys. Read more.


piranha-bluRax is a tool for behavioral-data exploration. The Rax language is a mix of relational, regular, and temporal algebra and is designed to facilitate the transition from ETL to data modeling. Rax empowers data analysts to explore behavioral data in a way that feels intuitive and familiar. Read more


TeddyTrackApp Logo 1Are you tired of looking for insights in a maze of graphs and parameters? Tracking the performance of your company should be easy. TeddyTrack helps you by tracking key events on your website and condensing them into just four graphs. Read more


McMiconE@2xEndless meetings? Do you know how much money it actually costs? McMeter will help you get more productive by visualising the meeting cost real-time, both in money and in… Big Macs™.
Why the burgers? The Big Mac is so ubiquitous that its price is often used by economists to compare living standards in various parts of the world. McMeter uses the Big Mac as a universal metric for the meeting cost. That’s why McMeter can be used all over the world. How many burgers did your last meeting cost? Read more

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