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Most marketing campaigns are run on many different channels. For example, Google AdWords, Facebook and MailChimp.To keep track of the performance of such campaigns, and compare the performance of different channels, marketers find themselves switching between different dashboards offered by the different platforms: from Google Analytics reports to Facebook Ads Manager. They copy-paste the numbers from various reporting tools to Excel to get the reports they actually need. As the number of different campaigns increases, so does the amount of manual labor and the probability of making an error.

There are various products integrating data from different marketing channels. However, they often do not show the reports that are actually needed. Even if they do, sooner or later the moment will come when you want something that’s not supported. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get it done because the data is locked in in one of these products.

Made-to-measure dashboards by Coders Co.

Coders Co. has developed a number of standard components that allow us to quickly set up custom dashboards that integrate data from multiple channels. Wee have a lot of basic reports, such as statistics for your website and conversions per channel. But with our flexible system, we can build any report you like ranging from simple statistics, to advanced customer-journey analytics.

Your data

We will set up your own data store to which the data from all your marketing channels will be regularly downloaded. We will manage this database for you, but it will remain your property and you will always have full access to it. 

Value for your customers

We can create a special account for your customer, so that they can see the performance of the campaign that you’re running for them. This will make them feel more in control and save you emailing spreadsheets back and forth.

Grow as you need

With our flexible system, you can start small, with 2-3 most essential reports at a low cost and within a very short time. From there, you can expand your dashboard as you find yourself in need of more reporting.

Standard data format

We will store the data in a standard SQL database, so that, in case you need an extra in-depth analysis, you can access it with various tools, from SQL scripts to BI tools such a Tableau or Qlik. The data in the database will never be thrown away, so that you can always go back to historical data and run extra analyses.

See it yourself

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Data store

We will set up a Virtual Machine with a PostgreSQL database and all the components needed to process the data and run the dashboard. This is done only once and the same machine will be used for all your dashboards for all your campaigns. The one-time cost of this setup is €1000. The cost of renting the Virtual Machine starts at €10 per month. For very complex setups with many campaigns a more powerful machine might be needed, costing up to €40 per month.

Data sources

For each data source that needs to be integrated, we charge €500 per datasource per campaign. This is a one-time initial cost.


For each standard report, we charge €200 per report. This is a one-time cost of setting up the report. For more advanced reports, we make a separate offer.

Monthly fee

For licensing and maintaining our dashboard components, we charge €100 per month per campaign.

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