The Team

Gosia Wrzesińska
CEO, co‑founder, coder

In my previous life, I did research in large-scale distributed systems. Back then, these systems were called computational grids. Now they’re referred to as ‘clouds’. After getting my Ph.D. title, I worked for a data-analytics/data-modelling company. I wrote many, many SQL queries, did some data modeling but also built a universal data-conversion toolset. Then I moved one layer down: from a database user, I became a database hacker. I worked on the fastest analytical database in the world: Vectorwise. I started as a developer and ended up as the head of the Vectorwise team. That was a good moment to start my own company. With two friends I started Coders Co. We are coders who know everything about data, big or small. We help people to make sense of their data and we build tools that help people to make sense of their data.

Jan-Mark Wams
co‑founder, coder

I just like to code. I use vi or VisualStudio just as easily as Emacs. Code with equal pleasure in BASIC, PostScript, sed, assembly, JavaScript, Scheme or C. Designed and implemented compression techniques, games, domain specific languages, analytical, geographical, graphical, mathematical, educational and distributed systems. I like to split bits, (not yet) optimize, refactor, meta code, reverse code. I worked on Windows, MS-DOS, VMS, NT, iOS, Linux, Minix, OS X, SunOS, but also on a PLC, NXT and even bare bones hardware. I own an Altair (replica), Curta (original), VT100, Apple IIc and I type this on a vintage 1985 design IBM model M keyboard. In short, if you need a coder, I’m your man. And yes, I do have a Ph.D. in computer science.

Aleksandra Rozentryt
sales representative

I have done many things in my life, from legal back office, IT support to various sales disciplines. All it had in common is direct contact with customers, B2B or B2C. I love working with people, getting to know them, their fascinations, interests and motives. Only then you are truly able to be helpful.  I try to give people a feeling that they can be comfortable with me, that they will be listened to and understood. Companies are people, not names, numbers or building. In the end, you do business with people, so it’s people that matter.

For all its worth, doing business means being able to build relations and mutually profit from them. To be able to understand business, you need to understand people and their drives. Once you learn how to leverage that, all the odds are in your favour.

Ruben van der Zwaan
data scientist, coder

I’m an analyst and researcher with a passion to work on complex problems. My main interests are machine learning and algorithm design and how these can be applied practically. Coding I do as well. Mostly, I program in Python, but I very much like functional languages (Elm or Haskell for example).

Previously, I spent three years as a senior consultant at Keylane. I did functional design, leading specification meetings with customers and team leading in one of our development teams. Before that, I was a researcher in operations research and combinatorial optimization and obtained my Ph.D. in operations research (My Erdősnumber is 3).

Artem Duplinskiy
data scientist

I like thinking about problems and solving them sometimes. I am excited about Econometrics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Economics. I am happy to look for patterns in the data and for answers that help people and our clients. I also can code and have experience coding in Matlab, Python, R and some other languages.

Before joining the team, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the VU Amsterdam, and I obtained a Ph.D. in Econometrics from Maastricht University entitled “Persistency in Dynamic Econometric Models”. I contributed to solving some theoretical issues with estimation and hypothesis testing of econometric models.

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