Behavioral data cruncher

Rax is a scripting language for behavioral-data exploration. It is based on relational, regular, and temporal algebra and is designed to make big-data modeling easy.

If you need to analyze how customers navigate your web shop, or if you need to find patterns in tv-viewing statistics, or if you need to figure out retail-shopping patterns, Rax is there to help.

Rax empowers data analysts to explore behavioral data in a way that feels intuitive and familiar. Using Rax will speed up the data-analysis process and result in clearer, safer and more portable code that operates directly on your raw data, however big it is.

Rax saves time  
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Thanks to Rax, we no longer “cut and paste” from Excel, we have smart scripts doing it for us in a fraction of a time. Rax is connecting all data sources efficiently for our actuarial calculation models, now we can focus on concepts – Rax is delivereing the solution.

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