Internship: Deep Learning for 3D city models

Applications closed. Thanks everybody for applying, we had such great candidates. Keep an eye on our website, as there will be more positions in the future.

Together with Gemeente De Haag Coders Co. develops PDF2GIS: software that reads old constructions drawings and turns them into a 3D model of the city. We use deep learning to parse different parts of these drawings. One example is text/graphics separation and processing textual information. Existing text detection models do not perform well enough on this type of drawings.

The goal of this project is to create a text detection model that works well with construction drawings. A labeled dataset is available. Possible approaches are:

  • Start with one of the pre-trained text detection models, for example EAST and use our labeled dataset and transfer learning to improve the performance of this model on our dataset.
  • Start a pre-trained generic object detection model, such as Facebooks RetinaNet and use our labeled dataset and transfer learning to achieve good performance on our dataset.
  • Try winning network architectures from the ICDAR’s Robust Reading Competition.